Which Cars Have The Best Resale Value?

Analysis of this article is done by the  cash for cars SA Auto Removals. Searching for the car that has the best resale value? One of the worst silent killer factors in the value of a vehicle is – Depreciation!! The majority of people think that items like fuel costs, servicing, tire replacements, and insurance are the main culprits of losing the trade-in value of a car.

But when we compare it with simple depreciation and that sounds so dramatic!! The moment you purchase a vehicle it loses 10% of its value as depreciation. However, that’s not always the case!! You should make a jump to such cars that are shielded from the depreciation downtrend.

Let’s Check Out What Should You Buy If You Want To Have Maximum Trade-In Value.



High-Performance Car


Performance is the kind when we think of purchasing anything. Similarly, you should buy vehicles with high performance. According to Automotive Industry Monitor, Glass Data cars that are designed to go fast and cost a lot are most top dominate the top end of the 36-month/60,000km resale value charts.

Audi RS3 Sportback is one of the best cars that depreciate least with 73 per cent retained value at the end of 36 months.

Other high-resale vehicles include the AMG GT (67 per cent), Lexus LC 500 (67 per cent), and eight variants of the Mercedes-Benz SLC (all 67 per cent). Nissan’s GT-R Nismo also scores 67 per cent, along with the Benz S500, S63, and S65.

Premium Vs Mainstream


Luxury Brands are better options most of the time for example- Audi had the distinction of claiming the top spot overall, with five models (RS3, A4, A5/S5, Q5/SQ5, Q7/SQ7). It’s had assured to retain more than 63 per cent of their purchase value at the end of 36 months.

However, it’s one of the best strong performer vehicles. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz had also assured of more than 60% such as AMG GT, the S-Class in S500, S63, and S65 trim, the SLC, GLE, GLS, and the C43 Coupe. They all are top scores models.

Trade Vehicles


Toyotas are the best performers in the commercial space!! If your vehicle is a workhorse that doesn’t mean nobody wants to purchase it. But if you purchase vehicles smartly then, it can’t impact your business anymore and you will easily able to dodge depreciation.

Colour, Trim, And Options


Colour & trim selection also have an impact on the resale value and you should select it wisely at the time of dealership. White is most popular with high resale value colour in Australia.

But at the same time opting for a high-profile ‘hero’ colour can also bring forth dividends on selling especially, for performance vehicles. If resale is more important than personal satisfaction then, you should consider lots of things that increase its trade-in value.

There are some general points that you should keep in mind for reselling. Such as always keep your mileage of vehicle down. The interior & exterior both should be neat & clean. You should have the fewest kilometres on the odometer if you can do so. Therefore, noted own above all points and then smartly purchase the vehicle for reselling at best trade-in value!!

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