Filled the Wrong Fuel in your Car? Here, the Detailed Guide to Follow!!

What Do You Do After Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?


Have you filled the wrong fuel in your car? In this situation, don’t turn on the ignition otherwise, it will lead to damage. Have you started your engine yet? If not then, don’t try it too. The reason behind this is that the wrong fuel is still in the fuel tank however, it hasn’t been passed through pipes into the combustion chamber. Therefore, you have plenty of options to save this by draining off the fuel.

Before starting your vehicle, you need to follow the mention points-


  • Remove the key from the ignition and don’t ever switch on the engine. Please be on the safe side
  • There might be a service to overcome these incidents so, you should inform the staff of the gas station about the things that had happened with you
  • Now engage the neutral gear
  • It’s time to ask for help for pushing the vehicle to a safe place and somewhere to free from fire
  • You should also call to car insurer company ASAP
  • Also, call to breakdown cover, they must have options to drain, flush and refuel your vehicle

What Should You Do If You Started Your Engine after Putting the Wrong Fuel?


The majority of people do these mistakes and start their engines after putting the wrong fuel. Isn’t it so? So, what should you do to save your vehicle now? Here the points are-

  • You have to turn off the engine in the shortest time or as soon as possible and took over to a safe place
  • Change gear to neutral
  • You should call to breakdown cover to flush & drain your engine
  • Call the insurance company as soon as possible.

What are the Symptoms of Mis-fuelling?


Unfortunately, sometimes you are not sure that you have filled the wrong fuel. Agree? What should be the signs that make you indicate for this wrong fueling in the engine? You may notice the following signs-

  • Misfiring of Your engine
  • Excessive smoke from your exhaust
  • Engine stops working
  • Not Starting of engine


In the case of used petrol filled in a diesel engine, you might notice


  • You may hear loud knocking noise while accelerating
  • Excessive smoke from your exhaust
  • Vehicle not accelerating, slower than usual
  • Engine warning light blinking
  • Engine stops engine
  • Engine refusing to restart


What Happens If You Pumped the Wrong Fuel In?


Have you filled a diesel car with petrol? If yes then, this situation is far worse than putting diesel in a petrol vehicle. In any case, both two circumstances can make expensive harm to your vehicle. How about we take a look at what occurs in the two situations:

Situation 1 Petrol in a Diesel Vehicle


Diesel engines are especially, designed to use their fuel as lubricating oil to ensure that the components of the engine run smoothly to prevent wear & tear. On putting the petrol in a diesel engine, friction gets an increase in the engine because fuel is not viscous enough to keep the engine running smoothly. Therefore, damage occurs!!

You might have incurred running cost of a new fuel pump, funnel, channel, fuel tank different substitution engine, worst-case scenario.

Situation 2 Diesel in Petrol Vehicle


This situation is also painful or bad however, doesn’t cause damage as putting petrol into a diesel vehicle. In this, the engine of your vehicle may not have any permanent damage. In fact, it will give only extra smoke, cut out, and fail to start after a while.

In nutshell, you should need to avoid the possibility of both the situations and how it can be avoided are mention below-

  • Have you purchased the vehicle recently? If the answer is yes then, you should consider the owner’s manual before refueling
  • If you are in rush then, you must have to avoid refueling. Otherwise, you should be attentive and cut down all the interruptions
  • You can leave Leave visual prompts and reminders.


Follow above all mentions steps and you & your car will be fine. Despite following all the points, you face the situation of wrong fuel then, there might be an existence breakdown covers.