What Do Wreckers Do With the Components of Unwanted Cars?

Have you ever wondered what the wreckers do after you sell your car to them? If you have but still haven’t found the answer, this is the post where you will get it. Here, we will specifically take a look at what happens to the vehicles after they reach the wrecking yard. So, if you are in Adelaide and conducting research or gathering information on wreckers, this is the discussion that you need to go through.

  • Component Recycling

Most car wreckers in Adelaide recycle components of the vehicles that they have purchased. Whether it’s the engine, the tyres, the seats, the suspension or anything, the wreckers will recycle them. Since the demand for these components is very high, they sell them at a good price. However, the components that cannot be sold are sometimes used to make newer parts. So, your old, unwanted or junk car is always precious to wreckers.

  • Supply the Parts to Mechanic

Apart from recycling the components of cars, wreckers sometimes sell them to mechanics who study them. The latter needs to have the necessary knowledge about the components. Otherwise, repairing them can become quite cumbersome. Besides, mechanics conduct workshops for new technicians where they train them to repair these components effectively.

  • Dispose of the Useless Parts 

After providing clients with cash for cars in Adelaide, wreckers tow the cars and bring them to their junkyard. Here, they assess each and every component and after that, they extract them. Next, they recycle the ones that are worth recycling and dispose of those that they think are useless. This disposal is done with caution, following the necessary guidelines. Also, wreckers dispose of car components using eco-friendly techniques to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

  • Directly Fit the Components in Other Cars

Though wreckers sell the components to only selected clients as part of their recycling process, sometimes they can fit them into other old cars as well. For instance, they might refurbish certain old cars and sell them at a good price, and in this process, they will need components. If they get it from another vehicle, they will fit it into the refurbished car and give it a new life.

  • Supply the Parts to Metal Extractors

After completing the car components recycling in Adelaide, wreckers do not always dispose of the useless parts. Sometimes, they supply the same to metal extractors as well, for a small amount of money. These companies extract metal from these components to manufacture either new car components or other metal objects. Thus, it is clear that all parts of your car are valuable.

  • Study the Components

Finally, the wreckers study the car parts to provide their clients with the right estimate. Indeed, they will need to have a fair idea of the condition of these parts so that they can assess the vehicles better and quote the accurate price.

Now that you have an idea about what happens to the components of your car, you can sell it with peace of mind!

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