What Do the Car Wreckers Do with the Various Spare Parts of a Scrap Car?

If you have an old, scrap car in your garage the wisest step will be to sell it off to professional wreckers who would pay you the cash that you deserve for your car. These professionals will consider the condition of your car, its age, make and model, and pay you the price that you deserve before towing it away free of cost!

Now the question here is what on earth do these wreckers in Adelaide would do with your scrap vehicle? Well, they will dismantle and dismantle it. But how do they do it? Do they dismantle the entire car in one go? Certainly not! They have different plans for different spare parts of your vehicle, depending on its condition. In a previous post, we discussed the things you must know before selling your old car to wreckers. There we had mentioned that once your car is taken away to the junkyard every component such as tyres, battery, steering, clutch, brakes, seat, etc. will be removed safely. On this page, we discuss what these wreckers would do with the spare parts of your car in further detail.

Once your scrap car has been taken to a junkyard, the car wreckers will differentiate the spare parts into various categories. Thereafter, the wreckers will get into their act. Different spare parts of your car will be dealt with, differently depending on their condition. The ones that are completely damaged and written off are sent for recycling. The rest undergo certain processes. We discuss them one by one.

The Tyres & Wheels 

At first, the wreckers who pay cash for cars in Adelaide will turn their attention towards the tyres and the wheels. If your car had been written off due to an engine failure or any other purely mechanical issue, it is likely that the tyres, wheels and related accessories will be intact, perfectly fit and functional.

Naturally, the wreckers will use the tyres, wheels and accessories will use them in other functional cars. They also pose as the perfect backup for used wheels and tyres.

The Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a mechanism that is used for the control of exhaust emissions in modern cars. The fundamental purpose of this particular competition is to reduce the pollutants from exhaust fumes. In most cases, this particular spare part is used in cars that are powered by internal combustion. In most cases, the replacement of a faulty catalytic converter with a brand-new one is extremely expensive. That’s why car owners would prefer a used catalytic converter to replace the defective catalytic converter. That’s why, the wreckers paying cash for scrap cars in Adelaide would pay special attention to the catalytic converter if your car has one.

The battery, the fluids and the electrical components

If the battery of your car is intact and has life in it, the wreckers will carefully salvage it and use it in other cars. Otherwise, they will use special techniques, and tools & technology to dismantle it in such a way that it does not have any adverse effect on the environment. The same can be said about vehicle fluids and electrical circuitry.

That is why, it is advisable that you sell your scrap car to a reputable wrecker who has the competency, experience and the necessary technology to maintain all these strictures and follow the rules. What better name can you look for than SA Auto Removals, if you are in Adelaide? Call us at 0426 121 300 or email us at info@saautoremovals.com.au to book our service.