Australia needs stricter rules to curb air pollution

The increasing problems that people are facing on a regular basis urge countries to take the necessary steps to limit pollution. Australia is also constantly trying to improve its environmental standards by a strong implementation of the pollution-related laws.

However, in the absence of any notable positive results brought by the current environmental standards, The Australian government may need to take stricter actions to curb air pollution.

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A lack of awareness and weak standards


Most of the times people fail to take action against something when they are not fully aware of the adverse effects that it could have on their lives. We cannot expect people to take up an issue seriously unless they are completely aware of the issue. The same is applicable in case of taking action against pollution. Usually, all that people know is that pollution is bad for the environment and for them, but they hardly understand the magnitude of the problem. Thus, first, the government must ensure that people are aware of the various threats to the environment and to them. The addition- reports, facts, and figures that the environmental committees gather through their research and survey should find exposure.


The general public should be aware of the various cardiovascular diseases, problems in life expectancy, respiratory problems, etc. which may make them proactive in the limiting of pollution. The government should also take stricter action against offenders. In particular, Australia has a rather lenient standard on sulfur emission by vehicles. Such policies need correction and reframing.


Doing nothing comes with a significant cost


Lower standards of limit on the pollutants from vehicle emission have severe effects on the health of the people and the environment. Countries with stricter rules about pollutant emission will obviously have an advantage over countries with lenient laws. Also, countries that have a higher population along with lenient rules will have a higher number of vehicles that will emit a high amount of pollutants. This leads to the gradual degradation of health standards in the country. Citizens of the country suffer from various diseases that may be prevalent across the nation.


For instance, reports suggest that every year there are about 240 deaths in Australia that was preventable. This means that there was a chance to save those 240 lives. The main reason for these deaths seems to be the poor environment and health standards. Thus, the Australian government ought to make changes in their policies and adopt a stricter approach. This would help people limit the emission of pollutants at a personal level, resulting in an overall improvement in the country.


What could be done?


The first and most important step to be taken is spreading awareness about the problems of pollution. People should feel a sense of responsibility and urgency to protect the environment.

Secondly, the government should consider framing new laws and reframing old policies to improve the environmental conditions and reduce pollution. Clearly stating the punishments for the offenders of environmental standards could be one way of quicker and more effective implementation of the laws.

The standards set by the Australian Government regarding the limit on the emission of pollutants from the vehicles are very lenient with regard to the condition of the environment that the nation is facing. The standards should be higher and in sync with the current scenario. They should be means to tackle and improve the deteriorating environment.

Introduction of vehicles with technology that stops fuel use when the vehicle is not moving is one way to reduce pollution. Use of alternate fuel options rather than fossils fuels also helps in a great way.


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Thus, action should be taken immediately by the Australian government to improve standards of health and living.