What Happens To Recycled Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal recycling is a well-established industry in Australia.


Companies that are included in the industry recover scrap metals such as iron, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead, amongst others. These get moved into new useful materials fit for the local and overseas development and producing market. Find out more extra about the method and advantages of scrap metal recycling.


  • Recovery

Scrap metal recycling is gathered by community programs, businesses and local government in Australian capital cities. Some car wreckers and recyclers like Saautoremovals.com.au offer a free pick-up service within a particular distance and cash for scrap metal.


  • Sorting

There are 2 leading sections of scrap metal: ferrous (containing iron) metal and non-ferrous metal (such as lead, nickel, tin, aluminium, copper, zinc and others). Ferrous metal is the common explored later and immensely paid scrap metal recycling. Specialized equipment, such as handheld analyzers, are employed to recognize and sort trash by alloy identification. Knowing accurately what metal the scrap is given it more convenient to order it into moderate or high grades and to restrict the creation of what is ultimately extracted.


  • Shearing

Once the material is distributed into ferrous and non-ferrous material, great pieces of scrap metal are chopped down into a tinier size using a sturdy shearing machine. Large industrial shearers can chew through up to 20 tons of scrap metal per hour.


  • Baling

The unsecured scrap metal is then stuffed into an industrial baler which reduces it into a regulated bale or ‘block’ for transport. The material is much more comfortable and more affordable to store and migrate around and once it is in this form.


  • Smelting

Scrap ferrous metal can be vanished down to create new steel products. Non-ferrous metals are re-smelted and recast too as they are a renewable resource necessary to the disposition of new metals. In Australia copper, silver, zinc and lead smelting and refining are huge industries.


Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal


Did you understand that recycled steel has correctly the same strength and specs as new steel made from original iron ore? If one ton of steel is recovered, it means 25 hundred pounds of iron ore, 14 hundred pounds of coal and approx 130 pounds of limestone are preserved, so employing recycled steel is an immensely more desirable option.


By scrap metal recycling we also:


  • Avoid discarded scrap metal leaching poisonous substances into groundwater at landfill places.
  • Avoid cars being discharged in waterways and being a danger for swimmers and wildlife.
  • Avoid banned dumping in the hedge which excites more litter and is a risk for pedestrians.
  • Avoid scrap metal immediately combusting and effecting bushfires.
  • Avoid destroying wildlife environments and soil honesty.


Perform your part today by announcing unlawful dumping and recycling scrap metal so it can be provided with a new contract of life. Got scrap metal you need to get rid of? Contact SA Auto Removals we’re authorized auto wreckers and scrap metal recycler in Adelaide, South Australia managing all sorts of scrap metal. We’ll understand if off your abilities and pay you cash!