Is It Time To Think About Buying On Electric Car present a blog on- “Is It Time To Think About Buying On Electric Car”.


In no time you will find the majority of electric cars on the road. The research done by Roy Morgan stated the same. More and more people are willing to buy an electric or Hybrid Car.


Some pointers on Buying On Electric Car are below:


  • Mainstream Consideration – Hybrid Cars

    The reports given are as per Roy Morgan did the research. The drivers were asked about the power plant their next vehicle will have. Among all, 51.6% driver said they would prefer a Hybrid Car. This per cent has increased in the past three years. While three years ago, 48.7% of people showed an interest in buying a semi-electric vehicle. The per cent for purely electric cars even raised from 9.7% to 36.2%.

    The analyst specialist of the research studied the status of the car market. When combined, 55.7 per cent of the drivers are interested in Alternative fuel cars. But the hybrid or electric cars occupy only 1% of the current car market. A theorem was established seeing the results. It states the fuel type that makes a car buyer happy is directly proportional to his income. The people earning less than 30,000 dollars per year will hesitate to buy an electric or Hybrid Car.

  • Challenges for car manufacturers

    It is clear from the states that people will choose the eco-friendly car over diesel or petrol car. Despite knowing the fact, car manufacturers are facing a battle. This was explained by Roy Morgan industry communication director, Norman Morris. He stated that while buying a car, the intentions get influenced by fuel economy. Most of the adult Australian drivers prefer hybrid or fully-electric vehicle. But, only one per cent of the cars occupy the market. The challenge for the manufacturers is to convert the changing intentions of buyers.


What to buy an electric or Hybrid Car?


  • To decide this, you should first consider the factor, where you live. The cars are in the talk for several reasons. If you live far from the populated urban areas, you will struggle to find a charging station. So in such a case, you should consider a plug-in hybrid or parallel Hybrid Car. In both of them, the electric motors get their supplements from petrol or diesel.
  • However, you should not drop the idea of electric cars completely. There are cars in the market that will allow you to cover 200 kilometres between charging. One of the car being BMWs i3. It allows you to travel 130 to 180 km, depending on your chosen battery. Nissan Leaf 2, an upcoming model allows you to travel 300 kilometres to 400 kilometres on its battery. While Tesla S and X allows you to cover 500 km and 465 kilometres respectively. Thus, this should not be a factor you should consider.
  • The time a car takes to charge is also a factor. It varies from 4 hours to 16 hours to get fully charged. Domestic chargers can be fit to charge your battery overnight. Tesla is introducing EV charging points across the country. They could help reduce the charging time. Thus, an electric car would be perfect for you if you make a Short trip and live in a city.
  • The car even makes you save money. By buying a Tesla you receive 400 kWh free supercharge credit per year. This can easily make you travel 1,600 kilometres. For a Tesla s model, you have to spend $195 on travel 3000 kilometres. This is less than $266 you would spend on petrol. Thus, you save 26.7% of your money. So the cars have even got health benefits. It does not have any combustion engine that pumps out asthma causing pollutants.


The drawbacks of the car being, it uses rare Earth elements that have finite supplies. Due to the extra weight of battery pack, tyres could wear out a faster rate.